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Costa Rica trade minister Andres Valenciano chat

Costa Rica’s trade minister Andres Valenciano participating in a ministerial panel on 8 October as part of Barcelona New Economy Week, where he spoke with Investment Monitor. (Photo by Barcelona New Economy Week)

Looking at the big picture, how well is Costa Rica positioned for recovery and what are its foreign direct investment [FDI] prospects?

Our free trade zone regime and, importantly, our policy on export diversification has allowed us to use this moment as an opportunity. FDI in Costa Rica has actually grown during the pandemic, not only for new investments but also for expansions. That is because companies understand that they are going to find social, political and economic stability for the long term in Costa Rica, and also that we have a lot of value to add. We have been investing in our talent, and opening up new opportunities in terms of digitalisation.

Our energy policy offers companies the possibility of running their operations solely from renewable sources as well. We are a stable democracy, we have rule of law, and we have this vision of sustainability that has been working well for more than 30 years – that is what helps put Costa Rica on the map.

So, if you add these factors together, Costa Rica was actually well poised for when companies started asking themselves: where should I invest now? Where should I diversify? Costa Rica already had a proven track record. What I tell people is don’t believe my words, just look at the number of companies [investing in Costa Rica] and how diverse those companies are and the reinvestments that they have done in the past decade, and you will see that we have been able to deliver what companies are looking for.

At the same time we understand that we have to evolve, as companies are evolving, and we are working very closely with the private sector to understand current and future needs.

Costa Rica places a big emphasis on environmental, social and corporate governance [ESG] and sustainability, and we know that is part of your FDI strategy as well. How easy is it to balance ESG criteria with the need to develop the economy and create jobs?

We believe these [objectives] complement each other and seeing them as mutually exclusive is not the way to go.

Our track record speaks for itself and our value proposition of people, planet and prosperity will continue to be the driving force behind our FDI strategy.

Companies are increasingly saying they want to invest in places that can deliver on ESG and sustainability criteria. That has always been Costa Rica’s differentiator, and we pride ourselves in having no army and being able to use those resources to invest in people and in taking care of the environment [instead] – and just as taking care of the environment has paid off for us, for example, in terms of tourism, it now pays off more and more in terms of business. We look for companies that are speaking the same language when it comes to ESG and sustainability, and that has been a winning strategy for Costa Rica.

What kind of changes do you anticipate to the FDI landscape from the G20 tax reforms? Are you supportive of those reforms, and how might they impact Costa Rica?

That is a fascinating discussion. Now that we are OECD members – we just became member number 38 – we were recently in France at the 16th ministerial meeting of the OECD and this was one of the issues that was discussed. Obviously, the corporate taxation and BEPS framework is moving forward, there is a lot of momentum behind it. Most of the countries are on board now around the world, and Costa Rica is happy to take part in that conversation for a couple of reasons. One is that our free trade zone regime has already been updated to OECD standards, so we are well prepared to make sure that when investors are asking ‘do you comply with those standards?’ the answer is ‘yes’. However, at the same time, the conversation then quickly shifts into ‘well, if you level the playing field in terms of taxes, in terms of fiscal incentives, what else can the country offer?’.

Guatemala’s Minister of Economy Antonio Malouf in conversation during Barcelona New Economy Week on 8 October. (Photo by Barcelona New Economy Week)

Then we go back to the answer to that first question that you asked, and we can say that Costa Rica actually offers a lot of other important variables, such as talent, sustainability, stability. Another important aspect is that international companies want to be able to offer the right living conditions for their executives. At the end of the day, people want to live in places where they have a good quality of life and Costa Rica can also offer that.

We are open for business and we are looking to have conversations with companies that want to invest in our country. Our track record speaks for itself and our value proposition of people, planet and prosperity will continue to be the driving force behind our FDI strategy.


Courtney Fingar is editor-in-chief of Investment Monitor and a widely known commentator on international investment trends.


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Free Slots With No Download, No Registration

With the development of new technologies, free slots are now accessible through No Deposit Online Slots. All these free slots are accessible to play for real cash without the necessity of a registration. It is a good solution for those who don’t want to register and スパイダーソリティア play online because

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outubro 13, 2021

You can play for free on Slot Machines and also Win

Online slots are free to players with no sign-up and with no bonus features. Slot machines spider solitario gratis online can be played from the comfort of one’s own homes, without the need to download any software. Playing online free slots is easy because all a player requires is a computer with an internet connection that is fast and an internet browser. Online slots can be played in the comfort of your own home. Online free slots players don’t require any software to download or install.

These games of skill can be played the duration they want since there are no time limitations. Once they have arrived at the casino, players can play slots for free. Instant games include poker, keno and slot machines. Players can choose from games such as hot potato, joker poker, lotto, and many more. Players can even play for free lottery games online.

Slot machine gambling has increased in recent years, and there is an increase in the number of players aswell as increase in the number of casinos. There are two types of slot machines – high rtp and low rtp. Each slot machine has its pros and disadvantages.

High-randpot slots provide a very huge amount of money for the winning player. They have a huge jackpot because the number of people who play them is extremely low. This means that the jackpot prize is high however there aren’t many players who are likely to winning it. In certain cases, the jackpot could be more than one million dollars. There are many people who have huge jackpots, but there is a significant proportion of people who lose.

Low-randpot slot machines have a smaller jackpot, but more chance of winning. There are fewer bonus rounds on smaller jackpots, which means that players have less chance to win huge amounts of money. Bonus rounds let slot players win more money when they play. These bonus rounds could include the “spill the Jackpot” clause that lets players win an amount of chips after winning.

Electronic roulette and video slots are other examples of slot machines that are free. Because the images on video slots are animated, they are appealing to children. These images can sometimes include football teams or famous people. Electronic roulette is also popular with younger players because they can instantly win as “payouts”.

Due to their large payouts, fruit machines are very popular with casino players. Free slots that have jackpots of over several thousand dollars are perfect for video slot players who hope to win that much money during their playing session. Free fruit machines that offer smaller payouts may be more attracted to younger players. In certain locations the video slot and fruit machines can be offered all at once, which can result in a lot of excitement for the lucky players who are able to play.

Many people believe that free slots are exclusively for the elite. Although it’s true that most successful players win the majority of the time in these games, anyone solitario spider gratis can enjoy the thrill of winning money for free. Online pokies are enjoyable no matter how much real money you play. Some people believe that playing pokies online is only for the wealthy. Online pokies are open to anyone, regardless of financial status.

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A Few Research Paper Topics For Your Favorite Paper

The world of science and scholarship is filled with a number of interesting research paper subjects. Regrettably, it can be tricky to know which ones are around and how they need to be written. Below are a few hints to help you get the best research paper topics to your paper.

You have to start by knowing what kinds of research paper

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Fortescue chooses green ammonia to decarbonize its fleet | Brazil Modal

Australian iron ore company Fortescue Metals Group has revealed plans to convert its existing fleet to run on green ammonia and adopt it in new vessel construction to push up the company’s decarbonisation efforts.

The plans were announced as part of a broader target to achieve net-zero Scope 3 emissions by 2040.

Scope 3 emissions are “the result of activities from assets not owned or controlled by the reporting organization, but that the organization indirectly impacts in its value chain”, according to a definition provided by the US Environmental Protection Agency (US EPA).

To achieve this target, Fortescue is focused on achieving a number of initiatives including converting its existing fleet of eight 260,000 tonne capacity ore carriers to run on green ammonia and use that fuel to power future newbuilds.

Green ammonia has been identified as one of the key alternatives to fossil fuels in the shipping’s pathway toward becoming carbon neutral. According to the predictions from the International Energy Agency (IEA), it will account for around 45% of global energy demand for shipping in 2050.

“Climate change is the most pressing issue of our generation and at Fortescue, setting stretch targets is at the core of our culture and values and we are proud to set this goal to tackle emissions across our value chain,” said Fortescue Chief Executive Officer, Elizabeth Gaines.

“Fortescue has commenced its transition from a pure play iron ore producer to a green renewables and resources company, underpinned by the world’s first major carbon emission heavy industry operation to set a target to achieve carbon neutrality by 2030,” Gaines added.

Through its Fortescue Future Industries division, the company plans to develop its own mass-scale green hydrogen production plants, use that hydrogen to make iron out of its own ore and sell the resulting “green iron”.

“Collaboration is integral to driving the rapid transition to green energy, and we remain committed to actively engaging with our customers, suppliers and other key industry participants to facilitate the reduction of emissions,” Gaines pointed out.

“This includes the development of technologies and the supply of green hydrogen and ammonia through FFI, which will provide significant opportunities for the steel, cement and land and sea transport industries to decarbonise.”

The company is targeting the production of 15 million tonnes of green hydrogen annually by 2030.

“Our work to decarbonise Fortescue’s iron ore operations will position Fortescue as the first major supplier of green iron ore in the world, paving the way for production of green iron and a new green steel industry,” FFI Chief Executive Officer, Julie Shuttleworth, concluded.




Source: World Maritime News


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Real Money Internet Casino

In fact, there are thousands of choices at online casino to earn real money with gambling. This is only possible if all your bets are winning. However, if you are really determined to make huge profits in internet gambling for real cash, both land-based and internet casino, there are some important factors which gamblers must make when choosing

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No Deposit Casino Bonus – How to Earn Free Spins Playing Online Casinos

A no deposit casino bonus is a supply supplied by several online casinos offering players little funds free of charge, without asking them to put any of the money. Normally the no deposit casino bonus codes provided are for particular games, but still they are worth using for their potential big money rewards. The big no deposit casino bonus

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Secureness Features of Ant-virus Software

Antivirus computer software, as well named malware protection, is known as a special laptop program useful to stop, understand, and get rid of malicious computer software. It prevents malicious applications (virus, spam, spyware, adware, etc . ) from joining a system and/or using the system resources. This kind of prevents system crashes, data loss, and overall instability belonging to the computer. The antivirus computer software detects, previous scanguard protection to execution, the existence of malicious applications in the program and provides a list of these malevolent programs with their description, so the user may possibly decide whether to allow them to manage.

The majority of ant-virus software utilizes block lists, that are created by developers in collaboration with an malware programs hosting company. These block out lists are created to scan all of the incoming data, both from the internet and other applications, for determined malware computer codes. Upon recognition, the prevent list can be used to determine the spyware and code type, which is then simply followed by the removal of the malwares codes. You will discover different types of malware software which includes anti-spam, firewall, privacy proper protection, and others. Many of these are standalone applications while others are installed within other programs.

Various free anti-virus software suppliers provide protection features which can help prevent cyber criminals from opening your personal data. Common reliability features incorporate identity thievery protection, no cost antivirus computer software download, anti spyware programs, and parental control. These types of safety features operate to protect the private information including financial docs, credit card volumes, email addresses, family, business data, and other pertinent details. While these kinds of free anti virus software down load programs cannot guarantee the reduction of viruses and other adware and spyware, they can be a cheap way to try to protect yourself.

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Why Use Canva Organization Card Web templates When Printing Your Business Memory cards?

Are you considering printing your own business note cards, but are not sure of what template you should employ? If therefore , you will want to consider using a canva business greeting card template to make your business. This is a template that has been around for years and comes with proven to be an affordable way to design business cards.

If you are like lots of people, you may find it difficult to come up with design for your own custom business cards because they will look difficult when merged. The canva template makes it easy to choose the hues, types of printing and paper share which you are required. This canva business cards template can be along with other common printable products from your local store or purchased completely, at which period you can produce business cards in just minutes. Upon purchasing this design template, you can publications business cards in five clicks of a button!

You could be worried reference that you cannot afford this provider, but you can be surprised to learn that the value is nothing compared to the quality you get. When you use these types of business credit card templates, you will observe that there are a number of different designs available. They have been used by many different firms and persons alike, demonstrating that they are trustworthy and inexpensive. Tend not to worry about receiving every theme available since you will be able to choose from a few models that are just like what you are looking for. This can be an advantage since it means there is no need to settle with regards to something you really like!

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Benefits of Playing Free Slot Games

If you love to play slots and want to play with real money without ever leaving the comfort of your house, you need to think about some of the many free slot games on the internet. Online slot games offer the same excitement and casino sport features in free online games but, naturally, for a fraction of the expense of real slots. The free

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