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Despite being in the midst of a global pandemic, Chile has been able to sustain growth in foreign trade between 2020 and 2021, these businesses being a fundamental piece for the economy. An important part of this growth is also understood, from the economic reactivation measures that the government has had and the withdrawal of pension funds that many people have allocated for technology or entertainment.

In the period of January and June, commercializations between Chile and the world reached a total of US $ 78,437 million, this being a growth of 32.2% compared to the same period of 2020. Likewise, imports also increased, reaching USD 38,197 million, showing a growth of 44.8%. Along the same lines, the acquisitions of Tractors (252.8%), Video game consoles and machines (234.1%), Televisions (162.4%), Motor vehicles for the transport of goods (138.5%), Computers and their parts (122.4%), Motor vehicles for the transport of people (85.5%), Beer from malt (84.0%), and Fruits and edible fruits (69.8%).

There is a great increase in the demand for video games in the last year and they currently lead sales in the area of ​​technology, this is explained by the fact that they have been more present than ever as entertainment due to the confinement that being in times of lockdown.

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