The Turbotrade creates and develops projects of import and export that favor their clients in their competitiveness in domestic and international markets.

It has a modern and efficient knowledge, with integrated solutions that cover the entire cycle of operations in foreign trade. We serve our customers in a personalized and individualized through advice and consultancy in Import and Export Services, International Market researches for purchase and sale of Brazilian products and generate business opportunities.

Operating throughout Brazil, Turbotrade has technological resources, more updated information technology, integrated and consolidated processes, and highly skilled and committed professionals, providing export and import solutions, operational, financial and tax.

Top Performing Markets


Exports the products of your business with us and increase your revenue and visibility of your brand and company on the international stage.


Import products from abroad through our company and get the local competition in quality, innovation and even costs. We operate in three ways:

1-) Direct Import

Perform your purchase operation performed outside the country through the company’s own Radar (Qualification for the import request with the IRS).
The importing company must comply with the current law not to infringe any customs legislation, particularly in relation to fraudulent importation concealment of the real importer of the operation. It must be taken into account also the location of state of the Trading Company. Usually importers are attracted by tax breaks (mainly ICMS – War of ports) that at first bring tax gains to companies, but the operation has no legal protection, being the importer subject to payment of penalties and interest by reducing payment of taxes.

2-) Import account and order

Imports by account and third order is a service provided by a company – the importer – which promotes, on behalf of, the customs clearance of imports of goods purchased by another company – the buyer – in agreement for the previously signed which may further comprise the provision of other services related to business transaction, such as making price quotations and trade intermediation (art. 1 of the iN SRF No. 225/02 and art. 12, § 1, I of IN SRF No. 247/02).

3-) Order for Import

Importation by order is a type of import operation regulated by the Government of Brazil, through the Internal Revenue Service, which sets different requirements to be observed by encomedantes and importers.
The parties shall establish purchase and sale agreement to order. This instrument should be submitted to the analysis of the Internal Revenue Service where the ordering party is domiciled, at which the CNPJs both will be linked. This link enables the start of the import of various goods operations.
Linking is done in Siscomex.

Clothing and Shoes

The Turbotrade is able to provide differentiated service of the apparel industry, footwear and accessories, in various business models, whether large retail network itself supply stores or B2C. It has specialized in fashion logistics system, infrastructure for manual operations, experience in automated operations with a high degree of customization and qualified staff in industry processes.


The cosmetics industry is also served by Turbotrade through customized operations. The company is prepared to meet the cosmetics sector, with differentials clever designs that guarantee quality gains, productivity, safety and compliance with national and international standards.

Food and Beverages

The Turbotrade offers customized solutions for the food industry to ensure the quality and care required by the segment, given the major retail chains and ensuring the supply of outlets daily through product storage in properly prepared local and licensed by MAP (Ministry Agriculture) and competent authorities.

Parts and pieces

Parts and accessories and after market have their own characteristics, such as pulverized orders, high productivity, visibility and “zero error” are crucial to business success. Thus, Turbotrade offers storage and transport services exclusively designed for the industry, always based on improvement opportunities in processes, to ensure the accuracy and speed demanded, and establish safe operations and provide visibility for its clients.

Electronic and Technology

The Turbotrade offers inbound transportation, storage and handling, kitting, collection and control of serial products, and performs the distribution transportation and reverse logistics, either fractionated or dedicated vehicles, always with the objective of mitigating risks creating a safe and transparent environment for its customers, whether in retail operation or line feeding in MTS production systems – make to stock or MTO – make to order, are served in a smart and planned way, from product logistics finished up the parts and pieces, including laptops, white and brown lines, among others.

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