I am a female that is talkative around everybody else but scared around dudes i love.

I came across this guy whom really seemed to just like me. He had been “chasing” me, and I also snubbed him. 3 x. He had been most uncomfortable around myself but certainly interested, and I also sort of planning he was a loser.I didn’t see we enjoyed him straight back until once I had snubbed him the next energy. We essentially gave off of the information that We never wanted to discover your again.Well, then i extra him on fb (we have shared buddies), and he straight away accepted. I ‘liked’ someof his content [and an old photograph. oops?]. Indicating to (indirectly) apologize for my personal early in the day behavior, we messaged him on speak. I happened to be slightly tipsy during the time.It ended up being VERY embarrassing. Because we now liked your, I was very embarassed, and that I thought we stated an inappropriate thing acouple of that time period. From the beginning I imagined the guy acted some offended however he appeared form of enthusiastic (many exclamation markings). I found myself extremely official. There had been uncomfortable silences among, i believe he had beenn’t sure koko app what you should say to me thus I grabbed his ‘excitement’ as fake. Immediately after we stated I had to visit and he was actually excellent but don’t try to prevent me. We decided he’d destroyed interest.BUT whenever I ended up being sober I viewed the talk once again and knew he made multiple blunders themselves — like apologizing for claiming an inappropriate thing (he think) with regards to took me a couple of minutes to respond and thanking me personally for stating some thing great to him which wasn’t actually meant as a compliment. He was undoubtedly nervous.Does which means that he may nevertheless just like me? While I happened to be since shameful as he ended up being and perhaps came down as a creep? Or had been the guy only afraid of me personally because he believes I’m a creepy stalker?cheers in advance. XXX

Can you imagine a guy got extremely self-confident once we very first satisfied, nowadays after a couple of schedules, is far more nervous? Met this guy, most smooth from get-go. Hung out a few times and this final times he seemed a little more self-concious and actually awkward (tripping, clumsy).

Most likely because he had been attempting his toughest to mask his flaws so you desire him

I just receive this article and it’s really very real!! This guy we dated, while I very first met your, he seemed therefore bashful and shameful. I’m a shy person and that I did not imagine I want to take a relationship with somebody really at all like me. The guy even said how the guy was previously rather the worst kid when he was actually younger plus the whole energy I was thinking, “your?! truly?! you aren’t outbound enough for this items.”

Anyway, we stumbled on know that he was indeed quite outbound. He was very talkative (i might say he talked-about 70per cent of one’s partnership and I also stayed quiet a large amount) and then he is therefore comfortable hitting a discussion with just about people. The guy accepted that he doesn’t get nervous effortlessly but used to do it to your and that I got really really flattered. It is definitely the biggest indication We search for when satisfying another man.

I want some information! There is certainly this guy that is chatty and quite flirty around various other women, however when he comes around me personally, he gets all stiffened up. He understands me well, but whenever he is around me, the guy becomes fidgety, silent, arms in the pouches and sways forward and backward (when waiting), and quite often he will state hello to me, and other days, the guy ignores me. He can speak with (and flirt with) my friends fine too, but I am able to be a ghost to your from time to time. At some things soon enough, I get him taking a look at me, but we’ll take a look a diffrent method, but when we review, the guy could either be examining me personally, or currently searching a diffrent course. So whatis the offer? Really does he like me. or nah?

Btw, they have a gf (she doesnt head to our school), but he nonetheless functions such as this around me.

Place it because of this. If he helps to keep another woman, or other woman, as a gf, he then does not as if you enough for this to matter.

Absolutely he at my highschool just who serves confident (perhaps not cocky like)

Skip it. He’s not curious.

Theres men at the job that generally seems to flirt with numerous women but he advised among the many girls to inquire of me if i need a sweetheart and she said she believes the guy wants me personally because the guy asks about me, i acted want it was absolutely nothing to her, but I do believe the guy happens to be lovely, everytime we see your though, he never ever claims hello, or began a conversation just a few era despite the reality we making myself open to where he or she is, I caught him taking a look at myself several times but he easily seems aside or do something else. I do not determine if he’s just nervous because I am at a greater authority then he is or if he isnt curious such as the female stated. In addition recently realized they have a girlfriend and cheated on her because he was at a celebration in which everyone was inebriated. I am considering i should you should be carried out with it but also for some factor im nevertheless interested in him.This is the one choice that im creating trouble to create, precisely what do you might think ?