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In this episode of Winston & Strawn’s Positives Great time Podcast, Employee Masters Attorneys Joe Adams and you will Anne Becker explore exactly how wise businesses try permitting their employees address the challenges of pupil loan obligations.

Audio Transcript:
Joe Adams: I am Joe Adams, and I am joined today by my partner, Anne Becker. And, in this podcast, we’re going to cover four topics:

  • What’s the range of problem?
  • How preferred try boss applications yet?
  • What alternatives was basically attempted thus far (and we’ll walk-through various recommended selection)? and you can
  • What’s next into the management and you may legislative top.

Anne Becker: Sure, Joe. Most listeners will be familiar to a certain extent with the scope of the student loan problem, because it is in the news quite a bit. But here are a few facts to set the stage:

  • The bill on an excellent figuratively speaking attained step 1.6 trillion cash after the first quarter, and most a quarter of that is actually stored by somebody younger than 30.
  • The patient keeps a student loan balance out-of $33,332, with respect to the data throughout the American Institute of CPAs.
  • Last but not least, a current TIAA-MIT Agelab research discovers you to definitely 73% out of education loan borrowers decelerate boosting advancing years savings to settle their bills.

And you can, everbody knows Joe, whenever teams usually do not generate 401(k) efforts to their company deals arrangements, tend to they also overlook men and women company-complimentary benefits.

Joe Adams: That’s a great question, Anne. We really want to hammer home that point, because I think we see that frequently with our employers, as many of our employers have switched away from defined benefit plans to 401(k) plans as their main retirement vehicle. When you have employees that are delaying making 401(k) contributions because of their student loan debt, it does delay the extent to which they are accumulating retirement assets and really delays the point which they can retire. So, a lot of smart employers payday loan Nauvoo Illinois worry about a retirement adequacy problem, specifically that their employees might not be able to afford to retire at some point.

We are seeing employers look at trying to solve this problem, and the programs are growing in popularity. One study from 2019 by the Society for Human Resources Management, SHRM says that 8% of employers were offering such programs in 2019. Although that might seem like a small percentage, that’s double what the percentage was in 2015, so we definitely see a trend growing there. Then another firm, Willis Towers Watson, did a survey, and according to their data, they believe that 32% of firms will be offering some sort of benefit by 2021.

During this episode, we will be these are exactly how smart businesses try helping their staff target the challenges out-of education loan loans

Therefore, there’s an importance of energetic, wise businesses so you’re able to definitely go about seeking to solve this issue. So we imagine it is driven by a couple of things:

  • You to, there was race getting ability. So, for those who have an early market on your team, it is a great way you could differentiate your self of other prospective companies.
  • And two, there is the significant debt obligations you discussed, Anne, that’s including really driving the need for solutions.

Very, I believe this can segue toward all of our four some other ways that was basically tried ahead of. The utilization of these types of employer software has been a bit reasonable up until now by the costs, seriously. I do believe enough employers don’t have the most funds. Thus, some of these options – I love to remember them because Versions step one.0, 2.0, et cetera – possess a real rates where companies are already purchasing difficult dollars and is also difficult for some businesses in the future with those people tough bucks. But let us dive for the what would we establish due to the fact “Type 1.0” when it comes to alternatives that have been attempted up until now, Anne?