Port Bronka, the only deep-water sea terminal in Saint Petersburg, Russia, has ordered a Konecranes forklift and a Konecranes reach stacker, each designed for special attachments, for delivery this year.

Both trucks can be quickly re-equipped for different types of cargo, expanding Bronka’s versatility and competitiveness in the regional logistics market.

Multipurpose Sea Cargo Complex (MSCC) Bronka, also know as Port Bronka, selected Konecranes for new equipment it needed to build capacity and expand its range of handling options in order to face the new demands of its increased turnover.

Andrey Blinov, Technical Director of Fenix LLC, commented: “The fast change system and the large set of attachments make it possible to use the forklift trucks as efficiently as possible, while the well thought-out design and ergonomics ensure comfort and safety for the driver. ”

For delivery in April 2020, Bronka chose a Konecranes SMV 42-1200 C forklifts that can handle up to 42tonnes on standard forks alone, plus two different pairs of forks and two coil rams.

The fork shaft system allows quick changes between the attachments for a range of loading and unloading applications, including coils, slabs, containers and railroad carriages. It also includes lifting eyes for quick loading into ship holds and a 3m freelift mast for ro-ro applications.

In August of this year, the port will also take delivery of a Konecranes SMV 4638 TCX5 reach stacker with an integrated tool carrier that can take a spreader for ISO containers of up to 43tonnes, or a coil hook for metal coils of up to 45tonnes, or a freely rotating hook for special and oversize cargo up to 48tonnes – specialist equipment that’s also part of their order.

The reach stacker has an elevating cabin that allows the driver to see inside train cars and video cameras front and rear for better driver visibility.

Both machines are powered by a Cummins 272kW engine, have a central greasing system to minimise mechanical wear and tear, and can operate in weather down to -35°C.


Source: Container News

Fonte: http://brazilmodal.com.br/2015/internacional/port-bronka-orders-konecranes-equipment/