Sumitomo Corporation and Keppel Offshore & Marine have signed a memorandum of understanding (MoU) to explore the feasibility and implementation of ammonia bunkering in Singapore.

Through this MoU, Sumitomo Corporation and Keppel O&M will work on the implementation of ammonia bunkering in Singapore. They are eying start of commercial operations in the mid-2020s.

Ammonia emits no CO2 when it burns, and therefore is a next-generation fuel for large ocean-going vessels. It is also expected to play a role as an energy carrier for hydrogen; since it is easier to liquefy and transport than hydrogen.

Courtesy of Sumitomo

The companies will accelerate the development of an ammonia bunkering vessel in coordination with the relevant authorities. They are expediting the implementation of ammonia bunkering in Singapore and contributing to the realization of zero-carbon shipping.

Sumitomo Corporation and Keppel O&M will also work to expand the ammonia value chain in Singapore.

Sumitomo has strategically invested management resources in the Energy Innovation Initiative (EII) since this April. Through the creation of next-generation energy business with EII, the company is aiming to contribute to a carbon-neutral society.

Keppel O&M wants to provide a range of solutions to support the decarbonisation of the marine industry; as well as provide cleaner offshore energy sources. It is using its experience in LNG to enable the adoption of H2 and ammonia as a marine fuel and energy source. Keppel O&M is also developing a comprehensive electric vessel supply chain in Singapore, which will feature marinized energy storage systems to power harbor craft.




Source: World Maritime News